Catching-up with Wana Brands’ Nancy Whiteman – Cannabis Business Executive – Cannabis and Marijuana industry news

It’s been nearly two years since we provided our readers with a profile of Wana Brands and we wanted to circle back and share an update on the progress you and your team have made, challenges you have dealt with, opportunities that you have capitalized on and your view of what is next for the Wana Brands team and the cannabis industry.

CBE: Hi Nancy and congratulations for being CBE’s co-number 1 on our 2017 Most Important Woman in the Cannabis Industry[1] list! Before jumping into those questions Nancy, please give the CBE readers and your peers what Wana Brands is all about and your operating philosophy, management team & capital structure.

NW: First, thank you so much. It was an honor to be recognized as co-number 1 on CBE’s Most Important Woman in the Cannabis Industry. I feel extremely honored to be included on a list of such smart, accomplished women.

Nancy Whiteman

Wana Brands’ operating philosophy is to promote the responsible use of infused products to help people enhance their lives, whether it be improved health or deeper enjoyment of the activities they love to do. We do that by developing and producing products that are focused on consistency, innovation and quality. In terms of our management team, I am the CEO. We’re currently recruiting for COO.  We also have very talented individuals on our team in Operations, Finance, Sales and Marketing roles. Wana Brands is privately held.

CBE: What does the product line look like now versus 2016? What is new in your product development pipeline and/or in the works? How does WB decide what products it brings to market?

NW: Our product offerings today versus 2016 have many more class specific and CBD options and more delicious flavors like our new Mango Sativa. In terms of product development, in 2018 we’ll be bringing back some old favorites as well as many new products. The stamping and shaping requirements of 2016 required us to produce the old favorites in a new way, but our retooling also opened the opportunity to reformulate them for improved flavor and consistency. In the pipeline we also have next generation products that will be designed to enhance the infused product experience overall.

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